Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Books and Smiles for Haiti

Over the past few summers, I donated copies of my books to 
Life Connection Mission, a non-profit organization serving the poorest
children in the Western Hemisphere.  
It was very heart warming to see the happy faces from the pictures,
and hear about how the children enjoyed having the books.

Last fall, I started the program Books and Smiles for Haiti,
 and invited authors, illustrators, and our children's book community to
join me in sending more books to Haiti.  The responses were overwhelming, 
and the books were distributed to the children this summer.  

Some books were given to the homeless shelter; many to the preschool,
1st grade teachers, and church supported by Life Connection Mission,
to be shared with the community's children.

On one special occasion, children were invited for dinner with the goal of taking
pictures to encourage people back here in the U.S. to sponsor them,
and help send them to school.  The children received small gifts, 
and the younger ones were given picture books.  I was thrilled to have the
opportunity to sponsor a little girl close to my youngest daughter's age.

I am thankful for the generosity and kindness of our contributors, 
Life Connection Mission, and the amazing people who spent their summer
in Haiti for their endless hard work and dedication.

Thank you Life Connection Mission, for sharing these wonderful photos.

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  1. Love these pictures, the smiling faces, and all that they represent!