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Quiet as a Mouse: And Other Animal Idiom

"Urban explores animal-related idioms through a fun guessing game
that pairs bouncy rhymes with close-ups of different faces.
A whiskered, sharp-faced creature describes itself as
"Quick and cheeky, smart and sneaky.  I'm sly as a ..."
A page turn reveals the answer: a fox.  Vibrant images fill each page,
accompanied by large text.  Strategically placed die-cut holes and flashy,
fun details (a red bandana for the ox, a pair of sunglasses for the bat)
add to the charm."  - Mahnaz, Dar,  SLJ January 2018

Quiet as a Mouse: And Other Animal Idiom

“Board books get bolder with every passing year.  If you were surprisedto see a book on this list covering homophones for toddlers, then getta
load of these idioms.  
It doesn't hurt matters in the least that the book is quite cute.
Kids fill in the animals that are suggested by the idioms.”
SLJ - Elizabeth Bird, December 2018

Quiet as a Mouse: And Other Animal Idioms
“It's a visually dramatic and playful exploration of animals
and language - especially the final scene featuring
a happy clam with mirrored sunglasses.”
Publishers Weekly, November 2017

Color Wonder Hooray for Spring!

“I've never seen the concept of mixing colors done as inventively
as you'll find here...  A smart board book if ever I saw one.”
SLJ - Elizabeth Bird, July 2017

Color Wonder Hooray for Spring!
“Local author Chieu Anh Urban gives a big shoutout
to spring in this intriguingly designed board book...
Lots of fun for active little minds and fingers.”
Washington Parent, May 2017

Away We Go! A Shapes and Seek Book
“Urban demonstrates the remarkable versatility of shapes,
using them to create an array of vehicles... readers will finish this book
with a good sense of both shapes and methods of transportation.”
Publishers Weekly, May 2013

Away We Go! A Shapes and Seek Book
“The innovative die-cut images present shapes hidden inside brightly
illustrated planes, submarines and hot-air balloons.
Children will adore tracing and identifying the cutout shapes.
Author-illustrator Urban's background as a graphic illustrator is put to
excellent use in this boldy crafted and illustrated book.”
Literary Kids Book Review, April 2013

Away We Go! A Shapes and Seek Book
“This shape-and-seek book is full of colorful modes of transportation.
Geometric shapes come together to become full-on vehicles,
and die-cuts allow children to identify shapes on every page.
Perfect for the youngest New York readers as they learn to identify the
different types of vehicles they see on the city streets.”
New York Family Magazine, July 2013

Away We Go! A Shapes and Seek Book
“...Away We Go! is an entertaining game in learning shapes.
Invitingly packaged in vivid hues, Urban makes early reading a full
adventure... Oh, so very clever indeed!”
Smithsonian Book Dragon, July 2013

Away We Go! A Shapes and Seek Book“Kids' book we love.” - June 2013

Away We Go! A Shapes and Seek Book
“This colorful travel companion will delight your tot whether you're 
journeying this summer by train, plane or automobile.”
Washington Parent, August 2013

Away We Go! A Shapes and Seek Book
“Shapes galore adorn this fun learning book that prompts
readers to find specific shapes... this colorful book is packed
with fun and learning.”
The Day Connecticut, July 2013

Away We Go! A Shapes and Seek Book
“Shaped die-cut holes adorn a wide range of vehicles...
these colorful and shapely vehicles will appeal to the target audience.”
Kirkus Review, July 2013

Away We Go! A Shapes and Seek Book
“Learning the names of shapes can be a lot of fun,
especially if you make the process one big seek-and-find adventure.
In this book Chieu Anh Urban does just that.”
Through The Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews, July 2013

“..perfect for little minds to explore how we an find
shapes in everything we see.”
 - Momstown Georgina
Momstown Newmarket-Aurora, Momstown Mississauga


“...this die cut board book is engaging and great fun...
a great pick for librarians looking for a book that will have parents
talking to their children about what is on the page.
Perfect for little hands to explore too.”
Waking Brain Cells

“This board book is full of vivid color and will entice and teach over and over.”
Meridian Magazine


Baby Lifestyles, July 2013

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