Thursday, May 19, 2016

Harry Potter Party

My girls, though years apart, are big Harry Potter fans.
We had a lot fun recreating Hogswarts and Diagon Alley in our home.
Enjoy the party photos, and hopefully you'll find some
inspiration for your Harry Potter party! 

Mandrakes!  How fun are these?
To make them, you'll need Goetz Caramel Creams.
Work on the Mandrakes one at a time.  Roll and blend two pieces of candies
together.  H
eat the blended caramel in the microwave for about 5-8 seconds.
Shape the warm caramel to form the Mandrakes.  I used a skewer to
create the eyes and mouth.  
Top the Mandrakes with faux plastic leaves. 

For the base, bake chocolate cupcakes in 
Wilton Pot Shaped Silicone Baking Cups.  Once they are cool,
frost them with chocolate frosting, 
and add the Mandrakes.
Garnish the frosting with crushed 
Oreo Cookies for the dirt.

The kids loved being sorted into houses!
The house ties are made from felt and yarn.

What's a Harry Potter party without wands and Hedwig?  
I purchased the wands and stone backdrop (below) from Oriental Trading.

The witches and wizards enjoyed stopping by Gringotts bank for coins,
which they used to purchase robes, wands, and candy from Honeydukes.
The signs you see in this post are printables from Printyca.

The Honeydukes' candy station was a big hit.
I found the candy printatables from Printed Instinct on Etsy.

The cockroach clusters are made with crushed pretzels
and melted semi-sweet chocolates.

The house banners set the tone for the dinner table, with a flying snitch.
The Hogwart crest is by Geijvon Taen.
The house banners are printables from  TheDesignDarling.

The Potion Class was hands down the highlight of the party.
The experiment used dry ice.  I was very careful to prevent kids from direct
contact with the ice.  There are many tutorials online for this experiment.

A happy group of Hogwarts graduates!