Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Away We Go! to Support the Asthma Dance-a-Thon

I had the pleasure of participating in a fundraiser event to support asthma.  
It was fun putting together this cheery and colorful arts and crafts
wagon for the auction.  There are some creative ideas here for school baskets
and kids with big imaginations.  I filled it with Model Magic, Floam
sidewalk chalk, Playdoh and tools, water color, markers, colored pencils, 
art paper, stencils, craft scissors, and a big sweet lollipop.

The children's energy were great.  We made Away We Go! themed crafts -
candy airplanes, floating rafts and personalized shape key chains.

I wish I could spend everyday doing arts and crafts with kids!
Theirs smiles are contagious.