Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snowmen Smores

It's so cold outside, and I'm ready to start thinking about Valentine's crafts.
Although, last week we had three snow days off from school, 
so in the spirit of winter, the snowmen will stick around a bit longer.

When my kids come in from the cold, they crave hot chocolate and smores.
These snowmen smores are really fun and simple to make. 

You need:
Marshmallows for the head
Fruit roll-ups for the scarf
White chocolate wafers for the melted snow
Assorted candies and chocolate chips for the eyes and buttons.
Hershey chocolate bars
Graham crackers

Assembling the smores is easy.  Start with a graham cracker square 
and place some chocolate bars on top of it.  
Melt the white chocolate and spoon some over the milk chocolate.
Quickly attach the marshmallow on top of the white chocolate 
before it cools.  Dip the eyes, nose, and buttons in some melted white 
chocolate and decorate the snowmen.
The melted chocolate will harden and keep the candies in place.
Add the scarf to the base of the marshmallow and
 you have the cutest smores ever.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snowmen Winter Craft

Our first week in the new year and we are welcoming snow and
wintery weather.  Here's a warm and fun snowmen building activity the 
girls and I enjoyed, and it does not require any glue.  We used Model Magic, 
which air dries the same day and the results are adorable!

You will need:
White Crayola Model Magic to build the snowmen
Orange Crayola Model Magic for the nose
Color felt for the scarf
Pipe cleaners and matching color pom poms to make earmuffs 
(roll the ends of pipe cleaner around pom poms to form the ear pieces)
Twigs for the arms
Black beans for the eyes and buttons

It's as easy as it looks. Have fun making snowmen!