Thursday, February 2, 2017

Color Wonder: Hooray for Spring! Book Launch Party

It may have been a cold and gray winter day, 
but the book launch celebration for Color Wonder: Hooray for Spring!
was certainly a bright and cheerful one.

I was impressed with the children’s knowledge of their colors; many knew
the color combinations needed to turn the color-mixing wheels 
in the book.
They loved 
mixing and matching the colors to the spring flowers.

A garden party with refreshments was enjoyed by all.
I'm blessed to have the support of my wonderful family and friends
who put together this lovely spread.  The Joy of Cupcakes
generously treated the guests to these festive and amazingly tasty cupcakes.

And what good is a spring party without the spring crafts?

The super fun FunFit joined in, making craft projects with the children.

And a book about colors certainly needs some coloring activities.
Children made puppets and colored bug characters from Hooray for Spring!
Click here to download the Color Wonder printables and incorporate
fun activities with your story time.

The lollipop flowers were sweet and easy to make.
Use a heart shape craft-puncher for the petals and a circle
craft-puncher for the leaf.  Fold green paper in half and punch out
a leaf shape by using the top arch of the circle craft-puncher.

Fold the heart-shape petals in half, punch small holes on the bottom
of all the paper pieces, and thread them onto the lollipop stick.  

Adhere clear tape around the base of the lollipop wrapper.
Be sure the tape is also touching the leaf, to serve as a stopper.

The younger children enjoyed coloring
big butterflies, or perhaps it was the Smarties® they liked?

This little caterpillar critter was made by threading a handful of beads

onto a pipe cleaner that was folded in half for strength.

The older kids twisted and shaped colorful spring buggies.

To make the butterfly, you'll need two pipe cleaners, 
 three .75 pompoms, wiggly eyes, and glue dots.
Shape the pipe cleaners as shown above and assemble all the pieces.

To make the bee, you'll need 1/2 of a white pipe cleaner,  1/4 of a green one,
1 inch yellow pompom, .5 black pompom, wiggly eyes, and glue dots.
Shape the pipe cleaners as shown above and assemble all the pieces.

Hooray!  Cheers to a warm and colorful spring season to come.
I hope your kids enjoy Color Wonder: Hooray for Spring!,
and have fun coloring their favorite spring bug characters.