Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Holidays with a Magic Greeting!

Season's greetings friends!  Do you make your own holiday card?
Every year, I make a special card for the children's publishing editors.

It's great fun, but a lot of work hand crafting twenty cards.
For now, I'm keeping this year's card under wrap, 
but here's my "magic" card from last year.

After creating my preschool shapes book, Away We Go!, 
I was inspired to design letters using shapes.

When you pull the insert, a special greeting appears.

Here it is!  Each image represents the letter.
Try to guess what they are before reading the answers below.
Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

W - Winter
A - Angel
R - Reindeer
M - Mouse
E - Elf
S - Snowman
T - Tree
W - Wreath
I - Icicle
S - Star
H - House
E - Egg Nog
S - Santa


  1. How neat! You're so crazy creative, it really blows my mind sometimes, lol!