Saturday, August 10, 2013

Urban Girls' Show and Tell #1

I'm always inspired by my girls, and their talents.  
Did you know they are my critique group?  I work with the best!

Mouse with strawberry
My teen, Yaya, is amazing with paper.  
She's passionate about origami, and I fall in love with everything she creates. 
I started teaching Yaya origami when she was ten years old,
but she has super-exceeded my skill level.  That's pretty cool! 

Self portrait in pencil
Younger teen Juju is a beautiful illustrator, and enjoys all mediums.
She uses my traditional art supplies much more than I do.
I honestly wish I can draw like her!

"Entrance to Butterfly Oasis"
And the "baby" of the family, Moo Moo, has sweet, innocent, creativity. 
I treasure the way she thinks.  Butterflies, unicorns, princesses...  I love it!

Thanks for taking a peek.  I'm a proud and blessed mom!