Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Away We Go! Book Launch Celebration!

Wow! A big thank you to my wonderful family and friends for coming and 
supporting my love of children's books. The book launch celebration for 
Although my outdoor party got rained in, it certainly made the day more exciting. 

Special thanks and hugs to my sponsors:
FUNFIT's Organically Grown Gym, for the awesome children's entertainment.
DC Metro Aviation, for letting us party at the airport. Woo Hoo!
Dave Swain Motion & Design, for your amazing, creative talent; 
thanks for sharing a teaser of the adorable book trailer!
And thank you to Josh Chik for capturing the party.  The photos are lovely!

I started setting up for the party 1 1/2 hours in advance. 
The weather was beautiful and breezy, with a 50% chance of thunderstorms.
I was counting on getting lucky, and hoping for the best.
{I seriously contemplated on photoshopping my fashion faux pas,
but who has time for that? Oh well... }

Everyone was so sweet and helpful. :)

At first, I was concerned how the chain link fence would look in the photos.
The pictures turned out well, and I like the pattern and airport feel.
Visit my website to download the banner printables.

Everytime a plane flew by, the breeze would blow the tablecloth and treats.
It was hard to keep the dessert table looking presentable, 
but I loved seeing the planes, and being at the airport.

The kids gobbled-up the sugary sailboats; not a single one left!
To make these, all you need are pretzel sticks, 
marshmallow squares cut diagonally, and fruit gummy slices.

These marshmallow cripsy spaceships were a hit too, and easy to make.
Cut rice crispy treats in half, lengthwise; use the other halves
to make the triangle top and sides.  Dip them in sugar sprinkles, 
and prepare yourself for a serious, sugar-buzz.

I'm sure you figured out that Away We Go! A Shape and Seek Book
is about colorful shapes and transportation vehicles.
I'm really proud of this book!
Grab the cupcake flag printables from my website.

The choo-choo chocolate chip cookies represented circles.

The blast-away brownies represented squares, and were quite sinful.
My other dessert cards kept getting blown-off.
You can snatch the shape signs and missing cards from my website.

The guests started arriving.  I was so happy to see the kids!

FUNFIT's Organically Grown Gym pulled out this cool parachute.
A perfect, fun activity for airport games.

The kids enjoyed various shapes and transportation crafts.

Face painting is always a crowd-pleaser. 

Kids stopped by to check-out the trailer teaser.
It's adorable and fun, and I can't wait to share the complete trailer.

My luck ran out and the clouds moved in.
It started to rain and thunder...

... so here we are inside, rain or shine!
Thank you DC Metro Aviation, you guys were SO nice to let us come in. 

Thank goodness I had lots of crafts planned.
I will post the craft tutorials sooner than later, I hope!

The twins are super cute!
Away We Go! coloring page can be downloaded from my website.

These girls should have gotten an award for "most productive crafters"!

And this sweet, little baby for "best smile".

Thank you to my friends and family for their fine cooking!

And a big hug to my friend who made this special cake.

I'm sorry I didn't catch everyone for the group photo;
many had left, and everyone was such a trooper hanging around with the rain.
Thank you again for making the launch so special.
Away We Go!


  1. I loved getting to see these photos! The desert table was AWESOME! It stinks it rained, but it looks like you guys still had a fantastic time. Yay for shapes!

  2. What a wonderful celebration of your book! Every detail is so sweet and perfect for your book theme. Love your adorable sweets and crafts. Looking forward to sharing your book and printables with my kindergarten class. It was such fun to see your book launch pictures! Congratulations!

    Best wishes,
    Sue G. (from the Blue Boards :-)

  3. Thanks Sue! I love hearing from teachers. I hope your students enjoy the activities!

  4. What a fabulous looking launch party! So glad it went well for you in spite of the rain. I love all the creativity you put into it.

  5. I loved looking at these pictures! What an event! And such adorable treats too. Congratulations on your book's release and for your success!