Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Crafts

Happy Valentine's Day!
I love holidays because they're a time when my girls 
and I can work on some crafts and bake.

These gnomes are very easy for the kids to put together.
The trick is to skip the glue.
Use felt, foam, or paper heart stickers for cone hats.
Stick them onto hershey kisses, with the point facing up,
and wrap the hearts around the tip of the chocolate.
Place a small piece of double sided tape over the hat and foil, 
and firmly press on the eyes and pom-poms for noses.

Beaded hearts are fun and they can be used in a variety of projects.
Thread pipe cleaners with beads to the desired size.
Trim the ends, leaving room to twist them closed, to form a loop.
Shape the loop into a heart, and finish them off as
bracelet, necklace, key chain, or pencil topper.

Instead of cupids, my girls and I made little love dolls.
You'll need a pipe cleaner, one small bead, a wooden bead for the head,
and tulle ribbon (5 1/2" width) for the pom-pom body and hair (optional).

Fold the pipe cleaner in half, and from the open end, 
thread the small bead towards the bend, leaving enough room to form 
a loop or heart.  Twist the pipe cleaner a few times to lock in place.
For the pom pom body, cut 5 feet of tulle and wrap it around your palm.
Tie the center tightly together, and cut both loop ends. 
To add hair, repeat the same steps with a smaller tulle wrap.

Twist the pipe cleaner around the hair tulle and fluff the ends to form
a pom-pom.  Thread the wooden bead, and then add the body tulle.
Twist the pipe cleaner tightly round the body to lock in place, and fluff.
Trim and tuck the ends.  Using color pencils, draw the face.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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  1. Awesome valentine’s day crafts and will use of them. Especially, this putting the gnomes together on this valentine’s day for my children. They have started going to local Phoenix pre-k and will love doing it as kids love this kind of activities.